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Lubbock city council discusses possible 2014 bond election


The Lubbock City Council met in a special session Monday morning to discuss upgrades to city facilities in dire need of repair and emergency facilities were at the center of the discussion.

"We're at the point now where we are really out of space," said Lubbock Police Chief Roger Ellis, who says the situation at the current station has become dangerous.

"We've had all kinds of issues with anything from ceiling tiles to flooring to electrical wiring, to plumbing. We had a carbon monoxide situation where we had to evacuate most of our building."

Along with those issues, inspectors have found asbestos in the building, which means renovations will cost twice as much. Ellis says the there simply isn't enough space for the growing police force and feels it is time for to ask city council for an upgrade.

"Several of our sections who are working outside of the complex that we're in, for instance our academy is offsite, some of our special assignments are offsite, storage of vehicles is offsite so we would like to move all in of that to one place," said Ellis.

If and when the police station changes locations, the Emergency Operations Center inside would need a new home. Lubbock Fire Chief Mike Kemp is pushing for the EOC and Fire Administration Complex to be in close proximity to each other.

"If we had the facilities out there and had a large incident we could bring in crisis management teams from across the state," said Kemp.

He is also asking the city to rebuild Fire Station One, which would go in the old Health Department lot on 19th and Texas and Station Eleven, which would be by the airport. Those two facilities are outdated and have bay doors that are too low for modern fire trucks to fit underneath.

The question still remains how the council would fund a possible 25-60 million dollar police station and multimillion dollar EOC and fire stations. Mayor Robertson says he only sees one way.

"Those type of dollars will need to be bonded in my opinion. When you're building a structure that's going to serve the city for the next 50 years I want my grand kids and great-grand kids to help pay for it in their taxes. I don't think it's fair for the current tax payers to pay for long-term facilities."

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