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Godeke library costing city more than $200,000 a year

The Library Board held a meeting Tuesday afternoon at Patterson Library to discuss a range of topics, but the issue of what to do with the Godeke Branch quickly became the main issue.   

"We are paying an exorbitant amount of money to be where we are at Godeke and it is all for rent," said Library Board Member Dave King. "You know we could go out and build a $2,000,000 dollar facility or $1,500,000 nice facility on city land and probably have it paid for in very few years."

The board is holding a special work meeting to flesh out exactly where and what size they want the new Godeke library to be and also how the future of the traditional library will factor in.

"Obviously the future of libraries is going to be more e-books and people are going to check out more books online" said King. "I'm not sure that the very large format for libraries with hundreds of thousands of books in a decade or five years from now is going to be the thing."

The city has until September to make a decision before the lease on the current location runs out. If that happens, the Library Board has back-up plans in place, some of which include putting all of Godeke's contents into storage, setting up temporary buildings or tents on city property and even setting up kiosks in places such as the South Plains Mall.

Board member LeEarl Bryant says a new building is vital.

"The board unanimously agreed that we should have a replacement facility for the Godeke library located in the southern, under-serviced population of the city," said Bryant.

The board also discussed the Mayor's plan to investigate which would save more money, one centrally-located Lubbock library or the current system of multiple branches and Bryant voiced his opposition to the possible change.

"For families that's a real hardship. That means every time the child needs a library book they have to go to an inconvenient central location. The possibility of a child being able to ride their bicycle or walk to such a facility becomes very rare and it becomes a major outing to go to the library."

Councilman Victor Hernandez was also at the meeting and urged the Library Board to be more active in giving recommendations to the city about what is needed and the Board is expected to give a presentation for City Council within the next few weeks. Right now, it is up to the Library Board to pinpoint exactly what they want.

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