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To Haiti with love, life-long friendships

They may speak two different languages, but no words are needed to describe the bonds these women share. All eyes are typically on the children at the New Vision Haiti Orphanage, but on this trip, Sandi Turner wanted to make the women who work at the orphanage feel special.

"There are some amazing woman that work here and run the place and we want them to know we love them for who they are. We pampered the women to show them how we love them. They're not used to somebody serving them," Sandi Turner said.

The women were so touched, they wanted to return the favor.

"In return, they pampered us. We want to share our hearts with them. Telling them we're going to keep coming back," Turner said.

That's just one example of the love these two worlds share. On her last trip, Tanya Russell and her husband Chad promised to fulfill one of 15-year-old Kobe's life-long dreams. A year later, a promise was kept and Kobe received a brand new drum set.

The biggest symbol of love and respect at New Vision is Sandi Turner's relationship with Wesner Maurice, a translator at the orphanage. Wesner first met Sandi on her visit to Haiti, but he thought she wouldn't be back, like so many volunteers who've made promises before her.

"I could tell there was a connection with us, but I didn't think she would be back. God took us from the ashes and he put us with good people," Maurice said.

"I felt the bond right away, but to him he needed to see if I was coming back. I love my kids back home and I just felt the same way abut Wesner," Turner said.

Over three years and five trips, Wesner and Sandi have built a friendship that will last a lifetime.

"Momma Sandi, that's it. I can tell it in my heart," Maurice said.

"It's a forever connection. Just me and the passion for Haiti, but much more than that, it's that individual relationship that I have established with Wesner. I can say Wesner is my BFF," Turner said.

However, it wasn't until Wesner got married last year, that this mother-son bond was truly formed.

"He wanted it to be an American wedding they see on TV. And he just wanted his bride to be beautiful and he couldn't give her what he envisioned," Turner said.

Therefore, Sandi sprung into action and assembled a group to bring the entire wedding to him.

"When I heard that she would come for my wedding, I said, I can't believe that," Maurice said.

Now Sandi is on a mission, to bring Wesner, his wife and son to Lubbock and bring her two worlds together for the first time.

"He wants to come and spread the word, spread the word of what's going on in Haiti," Turner said.

"I want to see all my family in Texas and I want to get some cowboy boots and a hat," Maurice said.

If you're interested in donating to bring Wesner to Lubbock, you can do so at the link below.

The New Vision Orphanage is also in desperate need of specific supplies that are listed below. 

They also need general donations, a individual child sponsors, so if you're interested in helping out, you can do so at Please specify what you'd like your money to be used for.

New Vision Ministry Needs List:

For our fishermen:
  • Stanley 2 Pound Drilling Hammers for fishermen to break rocks
  • Fishing line for fishermen, such as PowerPro 80 lb 300 yds Braided Spectra Fishing Line Green
  • Barefoot Power Firefly Lamps – solar powered light for catching bait
  • Berkley 50-Pound Portable Fish Scales with Tape Measure
  • Knives to cut up fish for our ladies in the feeding program.
For our Medical – Eye care ministry:
  • Common medications, such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for adults and children
  • Stomach medicine like Prilosec, Zantac, and Tums
  • Cough and cold medicines for adults and children
  • Topical creams like hydrocortisone and clotrimazole
  • Adult multivitamins with iron
  • Prescription medications are also needed but that requires the help of a physician.
  • Eye medications, such as common over-the-counter eye drops, such as Visine, Refresh and Artificial Tears
  • Glaucoma or antibiotic eye drops.

Eye instrument(s):

  • Auto refractor
  • Hand-held non-contact tonometer
  • Reading Eyeglasses (readers) of powers +1.00 through +2.50
  • Medical & Eye care sponsors

Home Construction Program

  • Financial help with construction of homes for many of our fishermen and ladies in the feeding program
  • Home Construction sponsors

Our Children's Home

  • Food, clothing, diapers, supplies, etc.
  • Financial donations to our Children's Home Fund. We are asking God to show us His will for the future of our children's home – whether we continue leasing, buy an existing home or buy a piece of property and build a new children's home.    
  • JD Gator or Polaris Ranger – to get water, food, supplies, etc. in Montrouis

Student Sponsorships

Student sponsors – there are kids who went to school the first semester assuming they would eventually be sponsored. The teacher wouldn't let them return to class after Christmas. So it's not too late to get some re-enrolled.

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