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Multiple Shootings Across Lubbock- Are They Related?

"I don't know that we have a sniper out there as such, and I certainly wouldn't put that to the public in that manner," says Lubbock Police Chief Claude Jones.

Not wanting to cause alarm, but at the same time exercising extreme caution, Chief Jones is awaiting the results of ballistics. The first police car was shot six times while it was parked, sometime between Sunday and Monday. The second police car was shot twice, while an LPD officer was driving it, Monday afternoon near Brownfield and Chicago. And a DPS cruiser has what, "Looks like a bullet hole in the hood," said a DPS officer.

Police Reinstate Shotgun Squads To Prevent Robberies
The Lubbock police department is sending a warning to would-be convenience store robbers, "don't do it, or you could get shot".

In addition, the Russell Baldree motorcycle death was first believed to be a traffic fatality until a bullet was found in his chest. Are the cases related? Ballistics will tell. "It would be our responsibility to see if they are connected. We want to know what we're up against, and we want to know what to tell the public," said Chief Jones.

For now, its the police themselves who are on high alert. "We have told our officers to be aware of responding to calls and what's going on around them," says Jones.

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