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Should the Public Fear Convenience Stores?

The hunt continues for two people wanted for murder. Perhaps these new pictures can help. But while police continue their search, how are convenience store customers coping with the threat, even more, what about convenience store clerks?

NewsChannel 11 found these two women walking along the side of the road just leaving the 7-11 on 19th street. Come to find out, they walk to the convenient store at night as well, even knowing two suspects are wanted for the murder of a convenience store clerk.

"I never walk alone. If one of us is grabbed, at least one of us can get away," said one woman. "I'm more careful, but I don't stop going," said another. "But am I scared? No, I'm not scared I'm more aware. I mean if it happens, it just happens," they said.

The same goes for Sarah Stone, she's the Convenience Store Clerk at Taylors in Lubbock. The night Patricia Garcia was killed by two 7-11 store robbers, Sarah was left to close the store alone. "I was scared. My husband came up here. I made him stay up here with me all night. But it's kinda nerve racking you know?," said Sarah.

Like Sarah and the two other women who are at convenience stores frequently, they say you can't really worry too much. Assistant Police Chief Dale Holton says the public should not be afraid, but more aware. "Although we have had an increase in robberies statistically, based on the number of people that live in Lubbock, the chances of being a victim is very small," said Holton.

Chief Holton suggests these precautions before walking into a convenient store at night.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Take a minute before leaving your car and look around for anything suspicious.
  3. Look for the clerk inside. If you can not see one, then you can walk in and loudly say hello, or just leave.

The police department has released new information about leads in the case. They say they have gathered a lot of good information to help them narrow down their search for the two suspects.

If you have any information on the robberies you are urged to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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