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Winter injuries

Hope you made it through our blizzard conditions this week, without a fall.

It is easy to slip during winter storms anyway, but when you're dealing with ice, and there was a lot of it in our northern counties. So, here's some advice if you slip and fall and don't know if that ache is worth taking to the doctor.

"Things that should prompt an emergency room visit is head injury with loss of consciousness, if you're unable to bear weight or if you're not able to walk, certainly you should seek help" said Tony Mazzeo M.D.

 Mazzeo also said there are some wrist injuries for example that may feel like a sprain and that could actually be a small hairline fracture, some of those could cause some chronic problems down the road if they're not addressed correctly.

Doctor Mazzeo says if an injury appears minor and your pains is tolerable, put ice on it for about 20 minutes every hour and try to keep it elevated as much as possible. If it's been a few days and it still hurts, you need to see a doctor to make sure it's not a tiny hairline fracture.


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