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How federal budget cuts could impact Lubbock


Friday is the next time Congress will meet with President Obama to discuss possible plans to avert the sequester, the 85 billion dollars in automatic budget cuts that will go into effect. If no deal is reached, Lubbock may face some drastic consequences.

"The things we're looking at right now are the potential of losing some federal grants to the police, community development, those types of things," said Mayor Glen Robertson. "But if it gets to the state level, we could be talking health department funding and library funding as well."

The Mayor added that road construction and Citibus could also be affected, and it may delay the reconstruction of the north/south runway at the airport. Robertson said that we won't know exactly when Lubbock will feel the effects of these cuts, because there is a required 30-day period for government officials to notify vulnerable agencies before legislation sets in.

"A lot depends on what happens this week in Washington. You know I'm not hopeful. I don't think we will get through this without going into cuts and I hope we will see the two parties come together... If we're going to do this, let's cut smart," said Mayor Robertson.

Tim Nokken is an assistant professor of political sciences at Texas Tech and he says even though the sequester seems complicated, it had a simple purpose, initially.

"Well what it was meant to be was a complicated bargaining chip to make a combination of spending cuts across areas of discretionary spending unpalatable to both Democrats and Republicans, to go back and negotiate," he said. He added even though there will be consequences, they won't be that drastic.

He says the sequester will be "nothing where it looks like planes will be falling from the sky or...the government shutting down completely but things like snow removal in the national parks and food inspectors having cut hours, which could effect the private sector."

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