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A better nights sleep linked to more exercise

We've always heard we need a good night's sleep to be more productive during the day. But turns out, the best plan may be to hit the gym, before we hit the sheets.

That's because a poll from the national sleep foundation indicates people who exercise the most, get the best sleep.

 "It turns out, the more you exercise, the better your sleep is likely to be" said Dr. Russell Rosenberg, chairman for the national sleep foundation.

Rosenberg also said, "When you can, get up and take a walk, stretch some, it doesn't even have to be vigorous exercise. Even light exercise can help improve the likelihood that you'll get a good night's sleep."

The poll of a thousand adults found those who fit regular exercise into their schedule ended up with a better night's sleep than those who did not exercise. The reason for the link is not clear except that depression and anxiety are more common among people who suffer from insomnia.

Spending less time sitting may also help, those who sat no more than 8 hours a day had better sleep quality than more sedentary people.


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