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Renee Ramirez Pays It Forward: 03/04/2013

This week's Pay It Forward segment starts out in west Lubbock near Upland and 19th Street. We set up with our Pay It Forward sign searching for this week's playmaker.

Within a couple of minutes, Renee Ramirez showed up. Renee was traveling with her family along 19th Street when she spotted our sign.

Renee already knew who she wanted to help out. She chose Nick Sanchez. Nick works in Code Enforcement for the City of Lubbock. Renee explains that Nick could really use an extra hand.

Renee tells us that Nick's teenage daughter has recently undergone brain surgery. The surgery went well, but Nick missed work for awhile and bills have been adding up. Renee adds that Nick and his wife have adopted two twins and also have another teenaged son in their house. Renee really wants to help the Sanchez family out.

Renee calls Nick to let him know that she would like to see him because she has something for his family. He has no idea what is going on.

We head to City Hall to locate Nick. When we arrive, Nick is already outside and we have to head into action quickly. I count out $300 to Renee and she surprised him the parking lot in the nick of time.

Renee then counts out $300 to Nick. Nick is speechless. When he is able to speak, he thanks Renee and tells her how much he appreciates the gift.  

Nick said that it had been hard lately with his daughter's surgery. He said the procedure went well, but it was hard to talk about as a parent. He just wanted everyone to know that "God is good!" and he really needed it.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon! You may become our next playmaker!   

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    Pay It Forward

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    If you had $300 to give away, who would you help?

    If you had $300 to give away, who would you help?

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