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A breakthrough treatment for HIV

Scientists today are excited about amazing news in the fight against HIV, the virus that leads to aids.

Knowing the high risk behavior of a pregnant woman in Jackson, Mississippi, Dr. Hanna gay decided to treat the baby soon after birth, with three HIV drugs, before waiting for test results that eventually did confirm the baby was HIV infected. Doctors continued that aggressive treatment for 18 months.

Yesterday, the announcement came that the little girl has no sign of HIV. Doctors are careful not to call this a cure, since it's possible the virus could be hidden, and might reactivate at a later date. But so far, there is no sign that she was ever infected with HIV.

Experts are hopeful that this early aggressive treatment left no time for the virus to hide out the body. Scientists say this regimen would probably not work in adults, because, judging by this case, it would allow a window of treatment of just 30 hours after birth to fight the virus. And with an adult, that window would be hard to judge since it would be much harder to know when the person was infected.


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