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Make The First Day of School a Safe One

School zones may be empty this week but come August 16th, they will be full of parents dropping off their children for the first day of school. "The traffic patterns we've enjoyed all summer long are going to disappear in a week."

Parents trying to get their kids to school on time will most likely create a traffic jam. "There is going to be another 30,000 cars, trucks and buses and little feet hitting the pavement." That's why Lubbock ISD Director of Police and Safety Services, Tom Nichols is advising both parents and students to plan ahead. "Get up 15 minutes early and leave a few minutes early."

For parents driving kids to school, check with the school and see if there is a traffic plan for drop-off parking. "We really encourage parents not to come into middle of block and drop children off on the far side of the street so your child doesn't have to do the 30 yard dash." Do not park in bus zones or on the wrong side of the street.

If your kid is walking to school, parents need to plan a safe route for them to do so. Keep the following rules in mind:

  • Always use sidewalks and cross only at the crosswalk.
  • Stop, look left, right, left again and then cross the street.
  • Walk, don't run.

School buses will also be out on the streets come next week, so make sure you're obeying all traffic laws. "When the school bus is stopped, loading or unloading and flashing red lights are on and the arm comes out, passing in both directions is prohibited." The only exception is on a divided street.

Finally, school zones will be in effect. "When the lights are flashing, school crossing guards will be working. For safety sakes don't speed and for your wallet's sake, don't speed. Lubbock ISD police and city police are going to be out there and those tickets are expensive and judges aren't tolerant ." If you are ticketed in a school zone, a surcharge of $25 is added to your fine.

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