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Consider This...Animal shelter should be investigated further

For years, the Lubbock Animal Shelter has been the subject of complaints from pet owners and residents.

Dealing with people and their animals does make them an easy target after all - not every call can be handled perfectly and not every lost dog can be returned every time.

But last week, KCBD's investigation revealed a bigger problem. The Animal Services Director denied taking calls from a family who was trying to have two dangerous dogs removed from their neighborhood.

And when we checked the phone records, not only did we find that the calls were made by the family, animal services did nothing until after their family dog was attacked and killed by the same dogs they called about.

Consider this:

I can't imagine this being an isolated incident. There are major problems with Lubbock Animal Services and as a taxpayer, I want it addressed.

Not only were important safety calls ignored, they denied the calls were even made until the phone records proved that they were. And I have a hard time believing the Animal Services Director when he said it was just an oversight.

It's obvious the management at the animal shelter doesn't think they have an obligation to the citizens who pay his salary. It's time city management launched a full investigation into the practices, processes and people running animal services.

It's long overdue.

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