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In the search for youth, look what some patients are opting for now, a procedure called lipotransfer.

Dr. Boris Ackerman, a plastic surgeon, says it's one way patients can turn back the time, without a major face lift.

"Lipotransfer allows the surgeon to use his own artistry sculpt the face in a certain way to achieve certain aesthetics to achieve beauty and of course rejuvenation.

 "As you can see this is the side we just did lipotransfer. You can see we have a nice rounding more of a youthful appearance"

Lipo-transfer means what it sounds like, moving fat around. Specifically it grafts fat from other parts of the body to the face. So, instead of using a synthetic filler, the doctor recycles fat from the patient's own body...hoping for longer lasting results. And it's done while the patient is awake.

But you'll have to go to Newport beach, California to find dr. Boris Ackerman.

 If lipotransfer becomes an option here, for a more youthful face, we'll let you know.


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