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Day 3 of Kerry Don Williams trial

Kerry Don Williams Kerry Don Williams

The Kerry Don Williams trial resumed Wednesday morning with expert testimony from a Lubbock medical examiner who described the autopsy and the crime scene photos to the jury.

He said he agreed with prior testimonies which asserted that cuts on the hands were defensive wounds and that Charlotte grabbed the knife trying to protect herself before she was stabbed. He also agreed that the initial stab to the chest was done in an upright position before her head hit the floor with force, causing bruises to the back of her skull.  

He claimed that the knife that was used would have to be extremely sharp because of the ease with which it penetrated Charlotte's skin, and he said the stabbing would have been done with a lot of force because the knife went through the sternum bone before puncturing the heart.

The final people to testify this morning worked for the DPS crime lab. They discussed details about DNA collection, how they tested the evidence and what they found.

The trial will begin again at 12:30 and we will have the latest updates at 4, 5 and 6.

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