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Defense and prosecution rest in Williams trial


Both the defense and prosecution in the Kerry Don Williams trial rested Wednesday, paving the way for closing arguments and jury deliberation to begin early Thursday. Jurors heard expert testimony from a Lubbock Medical examiner who described autopsy and crime scene photos to the jury.

The witness stated he agreed with prior testimony that the cuts on Charlotte Ivey's hands were defensive wounds. He asserted that Ivey must have grabbed the knife to protect herself before she was stabbed, while accidentally wounding her hands. He also agreed that the initial stab to the chest was done in an upright position, before her head hit the floor and caused the bruising on the back of her skull. The medical examiner claimed that the knife that was used would have to have been extremely sharp because of the ease with which it penetrated Ivey's skin. Because the knife went through the sternum bone before puncturing the heart, the witness concluded she was stabbed forcefully.

The defense sought to poke holes in the case against Williams by questioning the witness from the DPS Crime Lab about DNA. According to the witness, there are 16 points in the DNA code that must match in order to positively identify someone. Williams only matched in 9 of the points, leaving the door open for reasonable doubt.

A witness for the defense described the scene in the Lindsay Laundry early that morning in 1994, which included two men who were hanging out in the front of the building. He added that he saw a woman's head in the back of the building as he drove by and told jurors gangs were known to loiter in front of the laundromat.

Sergeant John Williams of the Lubbock Police Department took the stand for the defense describing a handful of suspects he interviewed from the scene, further raising speculation that any number of people could have committed Ivey's murder.

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