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Springing forward

This weekend, we "spring forward" one hour, which means we get one hour less of sleep, and wake up in the dark Monday morning.

Erika Edwards has some advice for dealing with daylight saving time, something will happen in the early morning hours of this coming Sunday morning that will transform a lot of us into tired, moody commuters monday morning. 

"Getting up in the dark and heading off is gonna have me in a bad mood i know." 

Even though you might wake up before the sun rises, there is a bright side to daylight saving time, the days will lengthen, and we'll get a giant dose of mood-boosting sunlight. Bouts of the wintry depression "seasonal affective disorder" fade this time of year.

Experts say take advantage of the longer days.

"I can get home in time to get out and go for a nice walk, and it'll be warmer and warmer every day..."

Take that long evening stroll, dig up your spring garden, shoot some hoops with your kids. The time to fall back on your old ways will come soon enough.

As a reminder -- daylight saving time begins this Sunday, March 10th. Turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.


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