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Lubbock citizens support synthetic drug ban


Lubbock's ban on synthetic drugs went into effect Saturday, and the residents we talked to think the city has done the right thing.

"I think it's a good thing. I don't think kids should be trying all these synthetic drugs or bath salts," said 21-year-old Dylan Calhoun.

High school student Adrian Gonzales says he has seen kids use synthetic drugs and become totally different people.

"In class one day we were going over the ban and this guy told a story about how his brother literally jumped out of a moving car because he was high on it," he said.

Anthony Duran, 23, recalled a time when he saw people smoke the now-banned substance at a party.

"People kind of get strung out looking... They go into other rooms and want to be by themselves or they freak out and think couches are eating them and stuff," Duran said.

Critics say the city is overstepping their bounds by telling adults what they are allowed to buy and consume, but Duran trusts city leaders to do the right thing.

"They know what's best. It's not like we're out there studying, trying to know what's best for people. It's just like when a doctor tells you that you need medicine to make yourself better - you do it," he said.

Stephanie Mason's son is a user of synthetic marijuana. She says he hasn't been the same since he began smoking it.

"When he started, switched over and started smoking synthetic, his attitude, his speech, the way he cared about himself - everything changed, everything," she said.

Mason supports the ban but is afraid it won't be enough.

"My concerns are, even if it is banned, that they're still going to be able to get it out the back door of any smoke shops or stores that they're getting it out of now," she said.

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