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Kissing Risks

We all know you're supposed to brush your teeth for good personal hygiene, but there is also evidence you should brush your teeth to protect your partner as well. Turns out smooching could actually be dangerous to someone who is highly allergic, not allergic to kissing, but to whatever it is you just ate.

Kissing Risks Continued
Karin and Kae remind us that kissing can be dangerous to your health.

"If you have an allergy a food allergy things like peanut or to shellfish. We found that up to six hours later that those kinds of allergens can be passed through the saliva," says Dr. Stephen Ward, a Dentist.

So Dr. Ward says if someone you love is highly allergic to certain foods, it would be wise to hold the passion for a few hours after you enjoy those foods. As a dentist, he suggests it's a good idea to brush your teeth anyway before locking lips.

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