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Lake Alan Henry Filling Up

The abnormal rains of June and July have helped top off Lake Alan Henry. As of Wednesday, the lake stands at 96% full.

Lake Alan Henry has turned into a recreation hot spot over the last few years, so the fuller the better. Right now the lake is just about a foot below the spillway which is great for those into water sports but more water also means we have more to sell.

The City of Lubbock has been in negotiations to sell water from Lake Alan Henry to Kent and Garza counties as well as Abilene, until we need the water. Even though the negotiations are not yet final the more water we have in the lake, the more money we could make.

"Last year during legislative session we got some legislation passed that will allow us to sell water out of the lake and this is one of the reasons we want to be able to do that. As the lake fills up we felt being able to sell that water and keeping it in this region, until the City of Lubbock needs it. Versus letting it go over the spillway and on down the river which is just giving it away to the Dallas area, that we need to figure out someway to keep it locally or in this region," said Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal.

Mayor McDougal says selling the water would bring money into the City, which would be nice until a pipeline is built for us to be able to use the water locally.

The rains have also helped other area lakes, but Lake Meredith which is our main water source currently is only 18% full.

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