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The Clip-n-Zip: Does It Work?

Get dressed with ease using the Clip-N-Zip. It works like a third hand which helps you fasten bracelets and pull those hard to reach zippers on the back of your clothes. We got the $10 product to test it for you to answer the question Does It Work?

Cindy Fulton is the owner of Accessory Touch. She has lots of things we can use to test the Clip-N-Zip. Like bracelets. Cindy clamped the clip onto the bracelet and gave it a whirl. "It's a little bit awkward isn't it?" "Yeah, a little bit," said Cindy.

The teeth on the clip did not want to stay clamped. But Cindy gave it a couple of tries before giving up on it. "Now that worked," she said.

Since I didn't have any nails that would potentially get in the way, I gave it a shot. And it worked just fine for me.

The second part of our test takes us the back of a this dress. Scarlett Sarton can not zip her zipper on the back of her dress all the way. That's where the Clip-N-Zip becomes handy.

"So you are going to hook it in the ring," said Cindy. "I just pull," said Scarlett. "Oh, there you go," said Cindy. "Now, how do you take it off?" asked NewsChannel 11.

OK, so we had to unhook it for Scarlett.

Next, she tried on a shirt with a zipper closer to the neckline. Scarlett did not have any problems at all.

"It works. I would use it. Once I got used to the bracelet. But those low blouses were hard. So I guess it's kinda 50/50," said Cindy.

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