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A pod type of workout

Don't have the time or energy for a workout? Take a look at the newest trend in Los Angeles. It's called the pod workout, and it looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but a lot of people are crawling into this thing for a quickie weight loss, kind of like a hot flash with benefits.

"Today we're doing iobella which is an accelerated body reshaping system that incorporates a high rep, low weight, high heat workout it's a 98-100 degree pod and you put your body in, you strap your feet into these weight straps and you work out they're very simple exercises but because of the environment of the heat you're burning a lot of fat really fast," said Laurel House author of "QuickieChick's cheat sheet" which is loaded with 30 minute exercises.

The pod workout costs $539 for a bundle of 6 sessions


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