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Body found in park identified as Lubbock woman

It was on everybody's mind when police were called to Mackenzie Park with the report of a dead body Wednesday: could it be the missing Lubbock woman Tiffany Groves, also known as Tiffany McNelly, who had not been seen by her family since February 24th? But police were tight-lipped about the identity of the body, not even revealing the gender. Tiffany's husband, Claude Groves, told KCBD detectives called him in on Wednesday night to tell him his wife's body had been found.
"They had me come down to the police station and when I got in there they told me, Claude, I'm pretty sure it's her," Groves said.
Groves says detectives showed him pictures of the clothing found on the body and he confirmed that's what his wife had been wearing the last time he saw her.

"The hardest part for me was to come home and tell my babies. When I had to come home last night and tell them that they found her over there, it was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life," Groves said.

Claude and Tiffany had been married for fifteen years and have two children, who are now left without a mother.

"I want her to be remembered as a loving mother who loved her babies. She loved her family, I loved her so much," Groves said.

However, Groves admits the night she disappeared the couple had gotten into an argument.

"I'm not talking about a fist fight, hair pulling, none of that stuff," Groves said.

When they reached a stop sign near their house, Tiffany got out of the car.

"She decided she was going to get out and walk the rest of the way home. And my baby reached her by the coat and told her, 'No mama, don't get out,'" Groves said.

Tiffany was know to disappear every now and then, but Groves tells us after six days, he called police.

"They were mad at me that I waited so long, but I said it's nothing new, it's something that's happened before," Groves said.

Now, Groves thinks his wife may have headed to the convenience store near their house, but after that, he says he knows nothing.

"I'm thinking somebody picked her up at that store and then they found her at McKenzie Park," Groves said.

He's insistent that someone out there knows something.

"There's cars on every driveway and somebody had to seen something and if they'd come forward, we can get this over with," Groves said.

Police informed the media via news conference at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday that Groves was last seen at Lucky Mart on 2012 North Ash on the same day she disappeared. Surveillance video shows her wearing blue jeans, a white shirt with a fish on it, and a black sweater.

Her husband, Claude Groves, told police that the place he last saw his wife was at 1500 E. Tulane, very close to where they live. The Lucky Mart is approximately one mile from the Groves residence.

Groves added that he's been questioned by police multiple times and that his truck is currently in police custody.

UPDATE: The medical examiner confirmed Friday that the body found in Mackenzie Park on Wednesday did belong to Tiffany Groves. The nature and cause of her death is still under investigation. No further details are available at this time. The death investigation is ongoing.


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