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Food for Thought: 3.14

Unfortunately the news isn't all good this week, we had several low performers. One has been on this list multiple times.

Logan's roadhouse at 6251 Slide Road racked up 8 critical violations this week:

-sliced tomatoes weren't kept cold enough
-un-lidded drinks were kept in the kitchen
-employees were seen touching food with bare hands
-cooked chicken was missing a date mark
-a hand sink didn't have paper towels
-tongs were stored in standing water
-a hand sink was clogged and leaking
-the door to a reach in cooler wasn't sealed or closing
-A personal drink was stored with other frozen items
-utensils were being improperly stored
-no current certified food manager at the facility

Most of the items were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Health inspectors found 5 critical violations at Denny's at 607 Avenue Q:

-mashed potatoes weren't being kept cold enough inside the reach in cooler
-potatoes inside the cooler also didn't have a date mark
-coffee grounds were found inside a hand sink
-a plastic bucket was being stored inside an ice machine
-the microwave was dirty, along with food storage containers

All of these issues were corrected that day.

Beef o' Brady's at 5510 4th Street was also a low performer this week. Health inspectors cited 5 critical violations there:

-sliced meats, vegetables and rice weren't being kept cold enough
-employees weren't washing their hands between glove changes
-employees were also seen touching bread with their bare hands
-glass cleaner was stored next to the coffee and tea

According to the report, most of the issues were fixed.

For a complete list of inspections this week, see Food for Thought Report: 3.14

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