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Consider This...Sequestration

As you know, automatic cuts in the federal budget known as the sequestration went into effect March 1st. This triggered a 2% cut in the federal budget. That's about $85 billion.  

A recent poll showed that 46% of Americans disapproved of the cuts while 34% said they were good for the country. 20% said they would have little or no impact.

Consider this:

I think that poll is not asking the right question. What I want to know is how $85 billion only represent 2% of the budget.

The sequestration is only a symptom of the bigger problem. I don't think most of you will argue that government spending is out of control. And who would, with a federal debt that has now reached $16.5 trillion.

The problem is that 2% was all that could be cut because no one in Washington can work together. These automatic cuts were just an earlier agreement to kick the can down the road. And unfortunately, with that kind of system, 2 things will just keep getting bigger: the national debt and your tax bill.  

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