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Lubbock runner surprised by $60 charge from event site


Brett Odorizzi was thrilled when he saw The Color Run was coming to Lubbock for the very first time. So about a month ago, he and his buddies signed up for the event. Odorizzi said everything went smoothly until about a few days ago.

"I logged on to my email and I was lucky I caught it because it went to my junk mail," Odorizzi said.

Odorizzi said there was an email saying he has been billed almost $60 dollars for something he said he did not approve

"There was an email from this company called 'Active.' They said my trial had expired, they'd enrolled me in a year of service and $59.95 had been charged to my card. I logged on to my bank account and sure enough, there it was," Odorizzi said.

Odorizzi says he is normally very careful when signing up for events so he does not know how he missed it.

"I Google'd the company and sure enough, found other people that ran into the same trouble as me," he said.

Active company spokesman Brian Enge says the option to accept the charge or to deny it is very clear on the website.

"They've resubmitted their email and said 'yes we accept this trial offer' specifically for the advantage trial offer," Enge said.

Enge also says that after the person accepts the charge they are emailed four times, reminding them of their membership with Active Network.

"Anybody who uses the word scam means they've missed the double opt in and they've missed the four chances that we've told them in a 30 day period," Enge said.

Odorizzi says although it may not be a scam, they sure are sneaky.

"If there's a checkbox there, they did a great job hiding it, because I didn't see it," Odorizzi said.

Odorizzi said he did get his money back and Enge admits people do get confused with this offer, so they are working on trying to become more transparent.

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