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Bon Jovi rocks the Hub City


Crews scrambled behind and underneath the stage for the Bon Jovi concert hours before fans were set to arrive.

They were rolling out the 500 miles of cable, setting up the 825 square feet of video screens and checking more than 1,200 professional lights set up for the show.

Among the busy workers were two college students, one from Texas Tech and one from Lubbock Christian, who got the chance to work with the fan club and see exactly what went into putting on a major rock show.

But in the middle of all the work, lead guitarist Richie Sambora still had time for a quick joke.

"That's the safety announcement here at the arena, folks," he said, after the public address announcer disrupted our interview.

Sambora has been playing sold-out concerts for a long time and says he plans to keep going.

"When you're a musician, it's in your blood. I don't think I'll stop until I'm dead," he said. "I'm friends with BB King and Buddy Guy and those guys are 85 and 75 years old. They're still doing it and The Stones are still out there if it's any benchmark."

The "Because We Can" tour showcases songs from Bon Jovi's newest album "What about now." Sambora says the band tried a new method to see if fans liked the songs.

"We ran out six weeks before the album actually came out on Tuesday, so it was really like you hold up your baby and go 'Is he cute or is he not?' It's a really good litmus test," Sambora said.

The current tour spans the globe, with the final show coming in October. Sambora loves playing shows, but he misses home where he can simply be dad.

"When I'm at home, I'm picking up dog poop, taking out the trash, taking my daughter to school, and then in a few hours I could be hopping a jet to Paris," he said. "So the dichotomy's a complete 180."

So what differences can fans expect on this tour?

Sambora says there's only one thing. "We're older."

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