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Addressing West Texas Water Needs

It's no secret Texas has water concerns, especially West Texas. The resources are available, but in many situations the infrastructure is not like for us. Lake Alan Henry is 96% full, but at this time we have no way to get the water to Lubbock. That's a situation many other counties face as well.

Another issue deals with the rule of capture, currently people who live above aquifers are able to use the groundwater below their land for irrigation but not all people have that access, so some want the law changed for fairness and for the need to not deplete our aquifer's.

"Across the high plains of Texas we've got about 3.7 million acres of cotton and just over 55% of that is irrigated, and so the underlying and underpinning that this area's economy is based on cotton and agriculture. The ability to irrigate that cotton is very important. So the rule of capture, in other words the ability of the farmer to use the groundwater that is beneath him to irrigate the crops on his land is of extreme importance," says Roger Haldenby of Plains Cotton Growers.

Senator Robert Duncan, one of the leaders on the water advisory council., says after their trek across the state, they will compile a report from the different areas and report possible solutions to the legislature. Duncan says he expects their will be changes made to our current water legislation, probably in the next session.

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