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Coach Leach Remembers Emily Jones

Texas Tech football. Red, black, guns in the air. Lead by a no-nonsense commander. "Monkeying around stuff has got to stop," says Mike Leach. A man who's tough as nails. "Somebody sore just doesn't enter into the equation," he says to the players. His philosophy - unyielding. "Your mind set has got to be more than survival," he said. His attention to detail, minute. "Three steps," he barked.

From footwork to footwear. "Yesterday she had on 'Neuvo Gladiators' that she bought from Los Angeles," he said. Mike Leach will miss Emily's shoes. "My favorite Emily memory is the variety of shoes she would wear to practice," he mused.

"He always talks about my shoes," laughed Emily. "And I did enjoy commenting on the shoes," he said. "I wouldn't wear 'em but they look good on you (Emily)," he added.

A Farewell for NewsChannel 11's Emily Jones
A look back at Emily's career here at NewsChannel 11.

"Love coach Leach," beamed Jones. And who wouldn't. A rough and tumble football coach, "Yes my daughter could catch that pass," he barked at a player, with an affinity for footwear, "I hope to keep up with her selections in the future," he smiled.

Coach, it's time to say goodbye. "Good seeing you," said Jones.

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