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HealthWise at 5 From 8.13

  • Sunny Pain Relief

A sun-filled hospital room may foretell a less painful recovery. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh studied the outcomes of surgical patients assigned to either sunny or shady hospital rooms. Patients in the room with more natural light needed less pain medication than patients lodged in dimmer rooms. Doctors believe patients in the sunnier rooms produced more seratonin, a mood regulating chemical, which boosted their mood and diminished their perception of pain.

  • Inhaler Pouch

Having an inhaler handy is critically important to people with asthma. A new accessory makes it easier to have help at hand. The Airpocket was invented by a 12-year-old who wanted a better way to keep his inhaler close by. The inhaler sized pouch can clip to your waistband, bag or backpack. It's available starting this summer at select drug stores and costs less than $10.

  • Germy Rings

That ring around your finger might have more than germs on it. It's likely encrusted with germs. A Canadian Food and Agriculture Extension Service warns that rings, watches and bandages can cross-contaminate the foods you prepare. Even thorough hand washing can't remove little particles that stick to a rings nooks and crannies. So remove your jewelry before laying a finger on the food.

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