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Summer Wave Of BB Gun Vandalism Heats Up

This summer's wave of BB gun vandalism has heated up once again.

Lubbock Police say four vehicles on the corner of 39th and Quaker were the target of BB gun vandalism Thursday night around 11:30pm. Each vehicle parked outside homes had one window broken by a BB. This, after five women were startled last week when their truck window was shattered by a BB while heading north on Indiana Avenue.

While last night's crime is being investigated, police say vandalism like this occurs all year. "We have criminal mischief year round, it probably is a little more rampant in the summer than the winter months but it's something that happens all the time," explains Sergeant Keith Woodard.

If caught, the offender could face serious charges. And depending on the cost of the damage, the guilty could face from six months in jail and a $2,000 fine to a first degree felony.

Police are currently investigating the vandalism and say that it's not certain whether the string of BB gun vandals that have occurred throughout the summer are related. You are encouraged to call CrimeLine at 741-1000 if you have any information regarding these crimes.

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