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Experts Worry Friday's Bee Attack Could Also Involve Africanized Bees

Just two days after killer bees are confirmed in the death of four dogs here in Lubbock, another attack. An angry swarm of bees attacked two men in Southwest Lubbock, stinging them several times. Experts are worried these bees may also be Africanized.

They may have a different hue than the killer bees of last week, but these bees were no less aggressive when attacking a man mowing the lawn outside of Grand Court Retirement Community Friday morning.

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"We were called, Engine twelve responded to a report of bees chasing the yard man and we responded to see what it was," says Dana Hanna, Lieutenant with the Lubbock Fire Department.

"I was mowing in the northwest corner of the of the Grand Court and a bee hit me right in the forehead and all of a sudden they were swarming me, " explains the victim, who didn't want his face shown, was stung seven times by the angry bees. They followed him around the building and even into the grand court lobby. A few broke from the pack to attack another man removing carpet, stinging him five times. "I was swatting left and right, the wildest thing I've had in my life," says the victim.

"If you walk over close to that building they'll be coming after you," warns Tim Gafford of Gafford Pest Control. He will send the bees to College Station to determine if they are indeed Africanized, killer bees. "They're either highly agitated honey bees or they're Africanized," he says.

As for our victims, both were treated at the scene and they are fine but at least one of them called it a day. If you suspect you have killer bees near your home, the fire department is asking you call an exterminator and only call the fire department if someone is in danger or is being attacked.

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