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Babies and salt

So what can parents do to protect our kids from the salt trap? Researchers at the centers for disease control and prevention looked at the sodium levels of more than a thousand baby and toddler food products.

They found commercial foods for babies and infants were relatively low in salt, but as soon as kids graduate to toddler foods, the salt content jumps dramatically. More than 70-percent of toddler meals and snacks had high levels, with some reaching more than half the recommended amount for the entire day.

The high salt foods included flavored crackers and veggie puffs, and miniature meals like macaroni and cheese or other pastas sold in ready-to-eat containers.

Researchers say babies are born without a taste for salt, so the longer parents can hold off exposing them to high salt foods, the better their chance of continuing on a low sodium diet which would protect them later as they grow.

Study led by researchers at the CDC and presented at the aha epidemiology and prevention/nutrition, physical activity and metabolism 2013 scientific sessions.


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