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Finger restoration

49 year old Christopher Schardt nearly lost his finger in a freak accident. That's the bad part, the incredible news that follows is how the movement in that finger was restored.

San Francisco surgeon Dr. Bauback Safa reattached Schardt's finger using a skin graph from his wrist. But in a new procedure, he brought in a nerve harvested from a cadaver.

"With the new option using cadaver nerves you don't have to use a donor site from the foot and the operative time is much less," said Dr. Bauback Safa.

It worked, and Shcardts finger began to heal. Six months later Schardt can move his finger and feel some sensation. The computer programmer can even type on his laptop.

The finger sparing surgery has enabled him to once again grasp the things he loves, from tickling his five year old daughter to tickling the ivories.


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