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Allergic to exercise

You might have heard some people joke that they're allergic to exercise, but a woman in the UK is making headlines because for her, it's true.

Kasie Beaver, mother of four, says this allergy has become a nightmare. Whenever her heart beats too fast and she sweats, it sparks a potentially fatal allergic reaction. Her eyes swell shut, she breaks out in hives and her throat closes up.

Turns out, the 33-year-old is among a handful of people who suffer from a life-threatening allergic reaction to exercise known as exercise-induced angioedema - or eia. The good news is that like other severe allergies, it can be managed with an epi-pen to bring the swelling down.

Perhaps the oddest thing about Beaver's story is that she had her first attack in her twenties. But Dr. Dennis Cardone, a sports medicine specialist at the NYU Langone medical center in New York, said exercise allergy is a real condition.


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