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Over 14,000 people turn out for Lubbock's first Color Run


Lubbock's first ever Color Run kicked off Saturday morning and over 14,000 people turned out to make sure they were a part of it.

"It was on her bucket list so we're like, check," said Amy Wright, as she made a check mark in the air with her right hand.

Her friend Sarah Bowers read articles about the Color Run three years ago and made it a personal goal to take part. On Saturday, they made sure to get the most out of their experience.

"Going through the color, you go halfway through and then you get the back, trying to get the color everywhere. That's the most fun part," Wright said.

"We were so motivated when we saw the hoops for us to run through, we would just start sprinting towards them," Bowers said.

Racers are asked to come dressed in as much white as they can wear so that as they run the 5-K race the color that is sprayed onto them makes them look like a Jackson Pollock painting by the time they reach the finish line.

The four different color zones were pink, blue, yellow and red, with the red being included in honor of Texas Tech instead of the normal orange.

"It tasted awful. You had to keep your mouth closed, but it was so much fun. They kept cheering you on and motivating you so I liked it," said Haley Skinner. She raced with two friends and fellow Freshman at Texas Tech - Taylor Turner and Jenna Dunn.

"It was a lot of fun. You got to keep your mouth closed, close your eyes because it kind of tastes like chalk, but there's a bunch of good people and they cheer you on as you come by, it was really cool," Turner said.

"You get it in your teeth and spit color but it's okay because it's all fun," Dunn said.

After the racers finish, they are encouraged to dance, socialize with other racers and partake in a color throw where racers open packets of color and throw it into the air.

Color run representative Tazia Wootton says due to the turnout and positive feedback from Lubbock they are trying to bring the race back next year and hopefully get a permit to allow up to 20,000 racers. She said that ultimately it's all about people having a good time.

"Obviously we love what we do," said Wootton covered head to toe in color. "We had amazing color runners today, everyone is super happy and pumped to be here and we hope to be back next year." 

SLIDESHOW: Color Run @ Mackenzie Park

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