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Allergy relief

An estimated 40 percent of Americans suffer from allergies, millions go to the doctor weekly regularly for allergy shots designed to train their immune system to ignore what bothers them, like pollen or grass. For those sufferers this is exciting news.

A new study suggests patients can find relief without the need for needles. Instead, researchers at Johns Hopkins are finding it may work just as well to deliver the same medication with drops under the tongue.

"The studies have shown down to very young kids, even toddlers, as long as they can cooperate with holding the drops under the tongue that they are actual candidates for this, because its dosed at home it could really increase the accessibility for the average patient to have this type of therapy," said Sandra Lin, M.D. and Associate Professor of otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Sandra Lin at Johns Hopkins has reviewed more than 60 studies that looked at the effectiveness of the drops and found they not only cut down on allergy symptoms, but the patients end up needing fewer doses.

The problem right now is it's not approved by the FDA even though some doctors are using it off-label since it has been used in Europe for decades.

But the roadblock here is the FDA is concerned the dosing at home could be inconsistent.

But again, the good news is more research is pointing to this as a good thing, so drops instead of shots could be an option on the way.

This study was published in the journal of the American Medical Association, and was conducted at Johns Hopkins University.


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