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Shopping cart comfort

It's hard enough to shop for groceries with a child in the cart, imagine if your child had their own personal cart that you had to drag into the store and load back into your car with all the groceries. I'm talking about kids in wheelchairs. How would you manage that and shop at the same time?

Now, here's what's new. It's called Caroline's cart. It's designed to allow people in wheelchairs to be part of the shopping experience. It has adjustable straps and can hold up to 250 pounds, accommodating both children and adults

"I was touched to tears, they took a stand to say we're going to support families and caregivers of individuals with disabilities by allowing them to be included in everyday activities which is the crux to inclusion and accessibility," said Heather Piszar, who is the mother of a disabled child.  

Caroline's cart is currently already available in some grocery stores across the country, and manufacturers are looking into it now to see how it could be mass produced as an option with carts already available.


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