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Special session called to address complaints against councilman

Councilman Victor Hernandez Councilman Victor Hernandez

Tuesday afternoon, the City of Lubbock added a special council meeting on April 4th to their agenda, largely to discuss recent complaints filed against District One Councilman, Victor Hernandez.

Mayor Glen Robertson says the city's Human Resources Department has informed him of three written complaints that have been filed by separate city employees. The Mayor could not release the nature of the complaints and said they haven't been investigated yet, however, he said these issues will be discussed at the April 4th meeting.

"I need to sit back and wait and see what the council wants to do and I think we're going to have to do some type of investigation and at that point we're going to need to get some good legal advice," Robertson said.

That advice that may have to come from the outside, since City Attorney Sam Medina represents the entire council.

"He can't represent us and give us advice because he represents Mr. Hernandez," Robertson said.

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is, could Hernandez be forced to give up his seat?

"Termination is always a possibility, but who knows, it's so early on in the process and you can only terminate a City Council member by recall and that's not being discussed," Robertson said.

However, Hernandez finds it interesting that the special council meeting was called just hours after he released a statement criticizing the city's yearly financial audit.

"Last year, the city became aware that it had not collected hotel/motel taxes on a number of properties in town," Hernandez said.

Those issues have since been resolved, but Hernandez says BKD, the company conducting the city's audit was never informed.

"The city should have disclosed to them that we have not been collecting the taxes," Hernandez said.

Because of that missing information, Hernandez says he cannot support the audit approval vote at Thursday night's council meeting. However, Mayor Robertson says, he wasn't even aware of the issue until KCBD called him.

"It caught me a little off guard because we had not received the audit yet. I don't feel comfortable talking to the auditors before the audit is finished," Robertson said.

Hernandez disagrees and says he has a right to question the city's financials.

"Somebody didn't like that I'm asking too many questions. Well, wait a minute, I have a right to inquire about what's going on," Hernandez said.

Hernandez is hoping a representative from BKD will be present at Thursday's council meeting to set the record straight.

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