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Lubbock Soldier Prepares To Say Goodbye to Wife and Unborn Baby

As 200 soldiers prepare to say goodbye to their family and friends. NewsChannel takes a look at one of these families and the soldier who will soon be a daddy.

"It's kind of hard, it's hard on my wife too, so we're just trying to get through that first," says Army Specialist Frost. He is leaving his wife and unborn child for a least a year.

"We're going to have a baby in October and hopefully he might be able to come back and see the baby, " says his wife Charlene who is almost seven months pregnant.

Specialist Frost says the hardest thing is not being there. "Because she's pregnant, she's even more emotional, so besides that, it's just hard on both of us," he says.

But Charlene won't be alone, "My dad's going to help out a lot, he loves grand babies. There's a couple other soldiers that just had babies or going to have one so he's not the only one, so that's good to know."

Originally from Hawaii, the couple met in high school and have been together for more than six years, married to a member of the National Guard, Charlene never thought her husband would be sent to a combat zone. "We knew that he was supposed to go overseas somewhere but we didn't think Iraq," she says.

For at least the first year Specialist Frost will get to know his little one, Xavier, long distance with pictures to show little Xavier that his daddy is away, for now, serving the country 7,341 miles away.

"It's just kind of empty, you just don't know what's going to happen or anything like that so I don't know I haven't been through it yet so hopefully it won't be so bad, we'll be seeing what happens," she ponders.

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