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Coming up @10: Mayor responds to animal control complaints


Numerous complaints against Lubbock's Animal Control have been pouring into KCBD since we first began our investigation in January.

The original story focused on the death of a 13-year-old Australian Shepherd named Cutter. His owner Dianna Wilson says two aggressive dogs ripped through the picket fence and attacked Cutter in the back yard. He eventually died several days later from his injuries.

Prior to Cutter's attack she had called Animal Control multiple times for help with the aggressive dogs that kept trying to get into her yard. While the officers responded to each call, Wilson says they never actively searched for the dogs until Cutter's death.

After we aired Cutter's story a large number of calls, emails and Facebook posts flooded KCBD with similar concerns about dangerous dogs and claims that Animal control officers were not doing their jobs.

We took those complaints to Mayor Glen Robertson who says those concerns are new to him.

"Part of the problem is these complaints are going to the media and not to elected officials," Robertson said. "It's a frustrating situation as a mayor to hear we have this many concerns with our animal control."

Coming up at 10, we hear what the Mayor thinks the real problem is and how he plans to take care of it.

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