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Plot thickens in accusations against Councilman Hernandez


The plot continues to thicken in the accusations made by two city employees against Councilman Victor Hernandez.

Pamela Moon and Cheryl Brock said in documents obtained by KCBD through an open records request that Councilman Hernandez "has turned the city into a hostile work environment where I must always be prepared for attack, whether in public or private, and must guard every word I say," said Brock.

In addition to that statement, City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld said in an email to Mayor Glen Robertson that "Councilman Hernandez is obsessed with my personal life and has repeatedly inquired about friendships I have outside of work. I believe he is watching my home, and I have reported this to the Police Chief."

We contacted Councilman Hernandez about these claims and he laughed it off, saying, "My suspicion is that she (Lee Ann Dumbauld) orchestrated the whole thing."

Hernandez also faxed us a document by Cheryl Brock to the City of Lubbock's HR department stating "I am formally withdrawing the complaint I filed with human resources on March 25th. I was given a directive to file the complaint against Victor Hernandez by my supervisor. I was told it was the only way she could protect me, which I interpreted as I could lose my job if I didn't."

City council members met Thursday and one of the key agenda items was the City of Lubbock Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Though accusations between Lee Ann Dumbauld and Councilman Victor Hernandez were not mentioned, the tension between the two was palpable.

Hernandez told us on Wednesday that he could not support the audit approval vote at the meeting because of some missing information, but told the council that he had finally received it before the meeting. The council initially voted 4 to 3 to postpone the vote for next week but after some vigorous discussion, they all came to an agreement. 

In the end, Councilman Hernandez conceded because, as he said "I have no choice." 

We will have to wait until the special city council session on April 4th to see how the mayor will handle these accusations involving Hernandez. 

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