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Consider This...Not what the taxpayers want

You may have been following the recent turmoil at Lubbock City Hall. Basically, a city councilman is complaining about the city manager and her staff for not doing their jobs. The city manager and her staff are complaining that the councilman is harassing them. And there is an intense power struggle underway between city hall, city council and LP&L leadership. It's all one big tabloid.

And now city management is saying all this has created a hostile work environment. No kidding!

Consider this:

I find it amazing that this city continues to operate with such divisive politics and distractions. That's not what our officials were elected to do. I don't ever remember one campaign ad or job description that called for a candidate or staffer to smear anyone that disagreed with them. And I'm not buying the whole, "This is what's best for the citizens" argument. We all know better.

The only power we have as citizens is our voice come election time. So keep that in mind.

What I do know is that in an election almost a decade ago, 83% of Lubbock voters said LP&L should be under the control of a private board run by private citizens and not city hall bureaucrats. Bottom line, any decision being made about LP&L, it's leadership or it's finances should be put through that filter first. That's not happening anymore and now it looks like our rates are going up. What a coincidence. 

All of this is nothing new but it needs to stop. Anything less is more evidence that city hall is addicted to money.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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