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Lubbock Sees End Of Reprieve In Gas Prices

A temporary reprieve in gas prices may be over, at least in Lubbock. The consumer price index registered a small drop in July with the national average down 20 cents since late May. But experts often said it wouldn't last.

Texas Gas Prices
Are you paying too much at the pump? Take a look at what others prices are for the entire state of Texas. (Numbers are updated daily.)

Here in Lubbock, the average gas price was $1.68 this time last week, and today it is up to $1.79, and it's hitting businesses and pocketbooks pretty hard. "Putting back more money for the business account for my business. Same with the family, and the family's finances. We're having to put more money back too, for fuel," says FedEx Home Delivery Contractor John Slyker.

"Personally I don't use a lot of gas. But business wise, it's extremely expensive to use this kind of gas," says Jerry Race of Texas Carpet Cleaner.

Analysts attribute the spike to soaring crude oil prices.

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