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Docs and glocks

One doctor says she thinks guns should be discussed in a child's yearly physical. Dr. Deborah Greenhouse, a pediatrician, says she believes gun safety can be an invaluable part of routine checkups, because she's seen what can happen if kids don't get the message.

She says she saw a case of 3 and 5-year-old siblings in which "a gun was laying around, one picked it up and shot and killed the other. Just like I would talk to a family where maybe the parent is a smoker and would be exposing the child to secondhand smoke, it's the same thing here. If the parent is a firearm owner, we should be talking to them about how to keep their child safe," said Greenhouse.

But here's the controversy, a legislator from South Carolina has introduced a bill similar to one that passed in Florida two years ago. It's intended to ensure that physicians can talk to patients about gun safety without worrying that discussion, jotted down in medical records could later be turned over to the government.

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