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City Council to discuss internal conflicts at Thursday's meeting


The storm continues to brew over Lubbock City Council as Thursday's council meeting approaches. On the agenda are two hot topic items focused on Councilman Hernandez and the future of City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld's employment with the city.

Originally, the council meeting was called to deal with several complaints made against Hernandez by city employees including Dumbauld. In an email to Mayor Glen Robertson, Dumbauld wrote that Hernandez created a "hostile working environment" and that he was "obsessed with her personal life" and "she believed he was watching her home."

Hernandez dismissed the complaints and told KCBD he wouldn't be surprised if Dumbauld orchestrated the whole thing. He also pointed out one of the three employees who made allegations retracted her official complaint stating, "I was given a directive to file the complaint against Victor Hernandez by my supervisor. I was told that it was the only way she could protect me which I interpreted as I could lose my job if I didn't."

Those complaints were made public last week and Mayor Robertson decided to hold a special city council session this Thursday to discuss the possibility of seeking outside legal help.

However, just days later, Robertson says Hernandez requested that the status of Dumbauld's employment be added to the agenda. The agenda item is worded "to discuss and take," hinting that the council could possibly be voting on Dumbauld's future as city manager.

"I don't know if that's what Mr. Hernandez is thinking or that's the reason he put this item on the agenda, but I can't think of any other reason to put it on the agenda," Robertson said.

While Robertson hopes that won't be the case tomorrow, he says he isn't surprised Dumbauld's job was put on the agenda. "I think there have been attempts for at least a year or so by some people to get rid of our city manager. I don't think it is job related. I don't think it is performance related. I think it's personal," Robertson said.

Robertson says he is not sure how tomorrow's meeting will turn out but says he will urge all members to take their time and not rush into any judgments about Hernandez or Dumbauld.

"It concerns me. I don't like what appears to be the motives behind all of this," Robertson said. "I think we need to slow down, take a good hard look at it and everyone just needs to realize we don't have to like each other but we need to be able to respect each other and work with each other."

KCBD will have a crew at the city council meeting tomorrow to keep you updated on these issues.

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