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Lubbock Woman Comes Forward With Pedicure Horror

A week after the Lubbock Health Department issued an alert about a rare bacterial infection that you can contract the from a pedicure, seven people have been diagnosed with it. We bring you the story of a Lubbock woman who contracted the infection more than a year ago and still battles with it today.

"He said it was bacterial fungus and the reason I came to the conclusion that it was from a pedicure that was there was no other person that I remember my touching feet," she says.

Last year the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, noticed bumps on her legs after receiving a pedicure. "I noticed more and the other ones were bigger and they had puss and I mean it got to the point to where I couldn't even walk," she explains.

After seeing ten doctors she was finally diagnosed and today, she continues to live with the agony. "It's the embarrassment of not wearing shorts again, so people don't stare at my legs," she says.

Even though experts say you can't die from the infection, it's important to be cautious. "I'm not saying don't go get a pedicure, I'm saying to look out to make sure they clean the utensils they use."

The Health Department recommends a few things other things you can do to protect yourself against getting infected:

  • Never shave your legs the day of your pedicure, you can cause small nicks in your skin that allow bacteria to enter.
  • Make sure the foot spa used during your pedicure is disinfected.
  • Be sure the establishment has a license posted on sight.
  • Pedicurists should always wash their hands before touching your feet.
  • Be sure the tools used are sanitized so that you won't experience this infection

"I don't feel like it's fair that this place is still open, still giving pedicures. They run a business like that and they should be clean about," the victim remarks.

As for the seven women who recently contracted the disease, the victim says she hopes their cases don't become as serious as hers was. "Honestly, I'll be praying for them, who ever they are, because it's awful," she says.

We're not able to reveal the name of the nail salon where the victim alleges she contracted the infection for legal reasons. However, her attorney notified the establishment almost a year ago and hasn't heard back. By the way, the Texas Cosmetology Commission adopted new regulations this July regarding the sanitation of foot spas so you may be more safe today opposed to a year ago when this victim was exposed.

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