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Lubbock Police Dpt Withdraws From South Plains Regional Narcotic Task Force

Lubbock Police say the price of leading the fight against drugs for the South Plains has become too high.

For more than 15 years, the Lubbock Police Department has led 17 counties in the enforcement of drug laws. But, that will soon come to an end because of an announcement on Tuesday. The Lubbock Police Department has decided to stop participating in the South Plains Regional Narcotics Task Force. By doing so, the city is terminating a grant that funds the task force. One complication, though, is that four Lubbock Police Officers are partially funded by that grant.

In a news release, the Lubbock Police Department said its decision was based on the following:

  1. Increased liability risks, as the leader of the task force, Lubbock is liable for the actions of all the participating officers.
  2. An increase in insurance premiums and fees
  3. The need for grant-funded personnel to remain in the city and work on local drug cases.
  4. The geographical size of the task force area. Lubbock Police say an area this size required an extreme amount of travel and time.

So now, the termination of the grant becomes effective August 31st. Lubbock Police say other agencies can apply to lead the remaining counties on the task force.

Meanwhile, questions still remain as to how this will effect the war on drugs in Lubbock and across the South Plains. It is also unclear as to what will happen to the four Lubbock Officers supported by this grant. The Lubbock Police Department is holding off on answering these questions until Wednesday morning.

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