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iPads help moms and newborns bond

Staff at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles have found a way to help mothers of premature newborns bond even as the babies are rushed into the neo-natal intensive care unit for special attention.

They are using iPads to allow the new mom see and communicate with her new baby from the recovery room and calling it Baby Facetime.

"It is electronic, but it is so reminiscent of what normal bonding would consist of, all the auditory, all the visual cues," said Dr. Charles F. Simmons, Jr., Chief of Pediatrics at Cedars-Sinai.

These tiny babies can actually hear their mother's voice through the iPad. Nurses say they can tell the babies are listening, which they say is the best kind of bonding, only second to holding or touching the baby.

The hospital uses a secure internet connection for Baby Facetime. So far, it 's been so successful that Cedars-Sinai hopes to extend the program to someday include families whose babies are careflighted to their hospital from other parts of the state.

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