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Darrin's Dance Grooves: Does It Work?

Learn the hottest moves in today's music videos. Moves like Britney Spears is taught. That choreographer is Darrin Henson. He has made a tape that could teach you as well, but Does It Work?

We took Darrin's Dance Grove to the Dance Gallery on 82nd Street where more than a dozen dancing pros helped us out. "What do you think about hip hop?" "It is hard. We don't do that here at this studio," said Dancer Emily Smith.

The girls were ready to try it out! Darrin's Dance Groove here we go!

First, the warm up. And now our first lesson. Even I got into the groove. I have always wanted to dance hip-hop.

Darrin breaks down the dance into three parts and goes over it twice before moving on. Then it was time to do it faster and it was safe to say that we all failed miserably! Me, especially.

We went over the first lesson again and the girls seemed to be doing better this time around. Until the dance moved faster. "What do you think it would take for you to perfect it?" "Working hard," said all the girls. Regardless of its difficulty, the girls thought the tape was fun!

I think this is a fun tape and with a little practice Darrin's Dance Grooves will work for you too!

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