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Childhood lead exposure can come from unexpected places

Lead poisoning is a serious concern for small children. It can cause developmental delays, or worse.

Lead paint was a concern until lead was identified as a health threat and removed in the 1970s. But lead may still lurk in some unexpected places.

For Brooklyn Schneiderman, a 6-year-old whose lead levels were double the acceptable amount, it was determined the exposure came from her lip gloss - a sparkly pink lip gloss that was particularly appealing to the girl.

"She'd sit in front of her mirror for long periods of time and apply lip gloss," said Jennifer Schneiderman, her mother.

"They have princesses on them. so I don't know what adults would be interested in these products," she said.

"With children, it's the dust in the home, the dust from the paint chips, the soil that could be out in your yard. It could be a problem with toys, like Brooklyn getting into some lip gloss that had lead in it when her parents got to looking. It's just little things you don't think about," Dr. Schmidt said, after taking away Brooklyn's lip gloss.

Her lead levels dropped to barely traceable. The message here is to read the label. That particular lip gloss had "caution" on the label, along with "keep out of reach of children."

Dr. Schmidt says parents should keep a close eye on toys or other products with any labeling that might indicate lead exposure.

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